Run Archery Alsace

A race format never seen before in Alsace

The combination of archery and running for complete practice


The Run Archery is a discipline close to biathlon: it is a combined sport alternating running and archery. It works as much on the athlete’s ability to balance the physical and respiratory effort of running as on the concentration needed to be effective at archery. A complete discipline, it has been recognized as an ideal sport by the CNOSF (French National Olympic and Sports Committee).

The Run Archery Alsace consists of two starts on different distances. At each start, several race loops (1000 m and 400 m) are run with, between each loop, a shot of 4 arrows on 4 targets. To vary the pleasures, the archery stage is either standing or on one knee on the ground. Each missed target will penalize you by one penalty round (150 m and 60 m).

Open to runners as well as archers, to competitive sportsmen and women as well as to leisure sportsmen and women, everyone will find something to suit them. The youngest are not forgotten, because the Run Archery Alsace also organizes a race adapted to our young athletes.